Brook Cottage became operational in 2010  and may provide care and accommodation for up to 4 children or young people, of either gender, with emotional and/or behavioural difficulties, learning difficulties and those who may experience issues relating to their mental wellbeing. We currently work with young people at the Home, over a medium to long term placement period, which allows us to develop the skills that will ultimately enable the young person to return to their family or move to independent living.

Children and young people placed at Brook Cottage will generally have experienced some form of trauma in their lives, which is reflected through their behaviour and will often cause them to display emotional, behavioural and social difficulties.


Our aim is to work closely with each young person in developing a support plan to work on these issues, with a strong emphasis on therapeutic intervention. The young person will be assigned a Key Worker who will best meet their identified needs, and the organisation’s psychotherapist will work alongside this Key Worker and the young person on a one-to-one basis in a consultation role. This approach offers a consistent service of support and intervention to make positive life changes for the young people we work with and improve the outcomes relevant to their support plan.

The children and young people accommodated at Brook Cottage will have been assessed as needing longer term care in a residential setting, where our team of residential workers will then work with them to support their needs. The Registered Manager of the Home will manage different packages of support, tailored to each young person, including education and leisure activities so all their needs are met.


Young people accommodated at the home may also experience moderate learning disabilities or minor physical disabilities; our staff strongly value diversity and equality and work with an inclusive attitude to offer a person-centred approach, this ensures the Home provides a non-judgemental environment not only for the staff, but for the young people working towards developing such skills.


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