Spencer House provides residential care for a maximum of 4 children and young people between the ages of 11 - 18, who present with complex needs and require specialist tier 3/4 care services. At the home there are 2 distinct elements to our service; three residential places which can be accessed on a medium to long term basis and a unit which is solely available for use as an emergency placement.

The provision cares for children and young people, who have suffered complex trauma and  have difficulties that may not be best suited to mainstream placements, so our aim is to ensure we offer a homely, safe environment within this specialised service. As part of our endeavours, we work on evidence based research from professionals within the therapeutic childcare sector, as well as the broad fields of child development and attachment studies.

Our key aim is to ensure children and young people placed at Spencer House receive consistency in relation to care which encapsulates a multi-disciplinary approach. There fore, we work with eacg young person in conjunction with other agencies to support their emotional well-being and complex issues which are often displayed, whilst reducing and minimising their high-risk behaviours.

We strive to ensure that the young person's views are always respected and considered and our support focuses on enabling them to develop the skills, abilities, knowledge and attributes that will help them to succeed in later life.

Emergency Placement Bed

At Spencer House we have a ring-fenced emergency placement bed,  whcih can be utilised by placing authorities for a maximum period of up to 5 days. Children and young people accessing the emergency provision will receive a full hollistic assessment to ensure any future placement is appropriate in meeting their individula identified needs.


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