New Start Childcare was established in March 2010 to provide high quality not for profit residential childcare across Merseyside and the North West of England. All our residential services are Ofsted registered and have a therapeutic approach which helps us to provide safe, secure and stable homes for children and young people from age 10-18  years: at our Spencer House service, we are also able to offer an emergency placement for up to 5 days which includes a full hollistic assessment of needs.

The primary purpose of our provision is to provide a caring/nurturing environment, for children and young people who have been assessed as needing residential care. We use a therapeutic approach to assess and address the needs of each young person through education, planned social actiivities, direct work and one to one therapy.


We are always led by the identified needs of the young people in all aspects of service delivery. There is a clear aim is to provide a warm, stable, safe and secure environment for our young people and all of our Homes are well maintained and furnished, with input from the young people on colour schemes and soft furnishings.

New Start’s qualified and highly experienced Psychotherapist is available to work with all young people across our Homes, and works closely with our managers and staff to ensure the care planning for each young person is underpinned by a therapeutic approach. This comprehensive therapeutic support is a significant factor in helping maintain placement stability, improve esteem for young people and ensure the highest possible level of safeguarding.

Our Psychotherapy service, which is available to all our Young People, provides treatment at Tier 3 and 4 and this ensures that high level of needs can be met without a lengthy waiting list that might be experienced if we were reliant on external agencies. New Start Childcare offers a variety of therapeutic models as part of young peoples treatment plans and enable the service to provide evidence based outcomes.

Available Therapeutic Models:

  • Psychodynamic

  • Humanistic

  • Cognitive Behavioural

  • Integrative Trauma Therapy

Our strategic planning  and careful development of New Start’s Childcare has enabled us to deliver services of great value to commissioners while simultaneously meeting the needs of  the Young People we work with.


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