New Roots is a homelessness prevention and resettlement project which New Start established in 2013 for refugees and refugee families ready to access mainstream services once their assistance from the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) has lapsed. The transition from asylum seeker to refugee is very challenging and can often prove quite problematic, resulting in an elevated risk of homelessness for such individuals.

At New Roots we support refugees to successfully integrate themselves into society with confidence and independence, heavily focusing on the individual’s support planning, whilst providing them with accommodation suitable to their needs, and assisting them with any cultural or language barriers they may face.

The project is facilitated by dedicated and experienced workers who are knowledgably equipped with the expertise to deal with multi-cultural refugee matters. Staff are trained and have a well-developed and clear understanding of the need to uphold and promote human rights at all levels.


To access the New Roots project, New Start will work with potential Service Users to ensure ‘Leave to Remain as a Refugee’ has been approved. This process includes obtaining confirmation from the Home Office, proof of the support provided to the individual during the Asylum Process and National Insurance registration details.

How do I make a referral?

To access this service applicants will be required to  complete New Start's internal Referral Form which can be downloaded here or by contacting our support team on 0151 708 7103.


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