Leyland Road is operated by New Start and is a commissioned service which is delivered as part of our work within the Sefton Supported Housing Group. It is a specialist mixed gender hostel provision based service with 24-hour on-site support for residents who are homeless. We offer 13 units of self-contained furnished accommodation.

Leyland Road is staffed by a team of Support Practitioners who have experience supporting people with a broad spectrum of needs. Staff are skilled in identifying barriers and supporting residents to positively change behaviours which lead to homelessness or housing insecurity.

The Service seeks to provide support that will meet the holistic needs of clients and therefore our staff also facilitate access to a range of specialist services in respect of Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Offending, Education Training and Employment and Physical Health and Wellbeing.


  • 18 - 35 year old mixed accommodation

  • Must be registered through Mainstay and have one or more support needs

  • Be willing to engage as part of the accommodation offer

  • No complex needs beds available

  • No alcohol or drugs permitted at the project

Leyland Road Sit-up Service

Leyland Road also provides safe, supportive, emergency overnight "sit up" provision which is designed to prevent entrenched rough sleeping and allows access to other homeless services across Sefton. The service is delivered from the ethos of the government’s rough sleeper strategy “no one left out” and builds upon the learning from the pan Merseyside “No Second Night Out” Pathway Project.

Our support team at Leyland Road work with all individuals accessing the sit up to help them access stable accommodation via Sefton’s Mainstay Single Point of Access.

How do I make a referral?

Referrals can be made to this service through the Mainstay system in Sefton for more information please contact: 


Tel: 01704 547 741 




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