Harrow House provides a solo residential placement for a young person of either gender aged 10 – 17. Typically, the young person at Harrow House will have complex and high level needs as a result of abuse and/or exploitation. They are likely to require a provision which can focus on creating a safe, secure and personalised provision, where staff can focus on the young person’s identified needs. As a solo placement, the young person will not have their support and attention diverted by the needs of other young people.

Harrow House also offers respite for young people who are supported in other areas of New Start’s Childcare Service. This service can be offered on an ad-hoc basis dependent on availability, and such respite will only be for a brief period of time and will always be in conjunction with the placing authority.

Our highly experienced Registered Manager and care team have the support of New Start’s in-house Psychotherapist  who provides guidance and consultation throughout the development of a bespoke therapeutic plan which underpins the support from the care team.

Willmer Road

As a result of the high demand and success of our service at Horrow House, New Start has opened a second solo placement Home at Willmer Road. This house is located in close proximity to Harrow House, which allows our experienced staff team to support both Homes and therefore ensure a consistent approach to service delivery.

Due to the valuable outcomes that we have achieved with young people accessing our smaller provisions, New Start is committed to reinvesting into similar projects as part of the future development  plans for our Residential Childcare Services. 


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