New Start's Harmony Project is a short term service (up to 6 months) set up in 2008 with the main vision of supporting individuals in recovery and those working towards recovery.


The Harmony Project provides two different services that enable individuals at varying stages of recovery from substance or alcohol misuse, to access support in safe and secure environments. These two services are Abstinence Housing and a Harm Reduction Service.


Abstinence and Harm reduction models have distinctive techniques for addressing and overcoming substance misuse. Therefore, we have developed two distinct elements to the Harmony Project, so that the service can provide support and living environments specific to the 'recovery journey' of the service user.


The abstinence element of The Harmony Project offers 'alcohol and drug-free' living environments for individuals at varying stages of recovery. Service Users accessing this abstinence based service are offered practical and moral support and advice by staff who hold a deep understanding of the emotional and psychological difficulties experienced during the initial stages of the recovery process. This element of our service offers shared living environments, within quality housing at dispersed locations across the city, and is available to individuals who are committed to remaining abstinent from ALL substances and:

Are in need of a safe environment in which to reside whilst either commencing on or receiving abstinence -based day treatment for addictions


Have completed an addictions treatment programme, and require a safe environment in which to reside, to gain further confidence and stronger recovery prior to attaining independent living.

Harm Reduction

The Harm Reduction element of New Start’s Substance Misuse Service provides accommodation and visiting support for people engaging in harm reduction programmes to address their substance/alcohol misuse. Staff at the project are highly trained and experienced in this area, and will provide support to Service Users to identify and overcome barriers to achieving greater independence, whilst focusing on attaining a more stable lifestyle. This element of the service provides supported housing within quality self-contained houses / apartments at dispersed locations across Liverpool. The service is available to individuals with a history of substance/alcohol misuse who are committed to change and who:

Require a safe environment in which to reside whilst engaging in maintenance programmes to address their substance/alcohol misuse issues


Are willing to engage with support networks to address their substance misuse and focus on achieving sustainable long-term options towards greater independence.

How do I make a referral?

Referrals can be made to the service by completing a direct referral form by voluntary and statutory agencies or by the Service User themselves.


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