The Anfield Road Project is a supported living service for people who experience enduring mental health problems and require support/assistance to maintain their health and wellbeing in the local community. Applicants accepted to the service will benefit from a unique shared-living environment, where support can be gradually stepped down  to help them move towards greater levels of independence.


The service is a 24-hour staffed provision providing 8 en-suite style studios that benefit from a shared kitchen for every 2 residents. There are ground floor communal facilities that enhance socialisation and encourage Service Users to interact, form acquaintances and build friendships in a safe environment.


Within the Project, staff work with Service Users to develop personalised support plans to identify practical support activities, that can counteract potential triggers to mental health relapse. In addition we are very proactive with regards to Service User participation, organising fortnightly group mini-bus trips to destinations such as the cinema/music events/restaurants etc.

In addition to the 24 hour staff provision The Anfield Road Project is able to provide additional shared supported housing at several locations across the city. These provisions are ideal for individuals who experience mental health problems but require lower levels of support intervention to maintain independent living in the community.

Accessing this service:

Referrals can be made to this service by completing a direct referral form by voluntary and statutory agencies or by the Service User themselves

How do I make a referral?

Referrals can be made to the service by Social Services and applicants will be required to have a community care assessment of needs.


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