Accommodation Standards for Supported Living, Supported Housing, Temporary Accommodation and Hostel Services

Dianne Sodhi & Andy Steele

First published July, 2009 | University of Salford

Publication Information

University of Salford, July 2009 | 45 Pages
Dianne Sodhie
Andy Steele

Updated by Liverpool City Council, October 2014


Liverpool City Council requires accommodation attached to supported housing or supported living to be of a high quality, to be well designed and built to high standards. In developing these standards account has been taken of the legislation and government guidance (as outlined in appendix 1).

These standards are intended to cover:

• Supported Living and Supported Housing services (short and long term) including dispersed tenancy services
• Temporary Accommodation services and hostels

Application and Scope of the Standards

These standards have been developed to support the commissioning of supported living, supported housing, temporary accommodation and hostels. They will apply to Registered Providers of Housing (RP’s) and voluntary organisations, as well as private landlords / organisations. It is recognised that occasionally there may be exceptional situations when it will not be possible to meet these standards. A degree of flexibility may be justified depending upon the nature of the service or if other compensating features are present.

Liverpool City Council’s Adult Commissioning Team will utilise these standards as part of the commissioning process and they will therefore form part of the requirements of the procurement process for supported living, supported housing, temporary accommodation and hostel services.


These standards have been developed to ensure compliance with HMO regulations, and also to incorporate other guidance, for example, in relation to residential accommodation, temporary accommodation, student accommodation and hostels as outlined in appendix 2.


Supported living, supported housing, temporary accommodation and hostel services should comply with:


• The first criterion of the Decent Homes Standard, the Housing Health and Safety rating System 2005 (HHSRS). The HHSRS is a risk assessment procedure and does not set a standard, but identifies a number of hazards which should trigger remedial action 5 Standards for supported accommodation – reviewed and updated October 2014

• All the other criterion of the Decent Homes Standard: including being in a reasonable state of repair, having reasonably modern facilities and services and providing a reasonable degree of ‘thermal comfort’. This is because those individuals accessing supported living, supported housing, temporary accommodation and hostel services are likely to come within the definition of vulnerable within guidance on implementation of the Decent Homes Standards and therefore fall within these criteria (see appendix 3).


The guidance is wide ranging and sets out the minimum/essential and the desirable/good practice levels of compliance. There is an expectation that in most cases providers will ensure compliance at the minimum, but will work towards compliance with desirable/good practice levels where practicable within a reasonable time frame to be agreed.

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